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Planning the Orthodox Feminist Wedding of Your Dreams - Webinar
May 19, 2015  8:30PM Eastern
How can your wedding, or the wedding of a loved one, be reflective of your Orthodox feminist values? Join Sharon Weiss-Greenberg and Lila Kagedan for a conversation that will address the halakhic considerations for planning an Orthodox Feminist wedding, as well as review suggestions for creating a wedding that is inclusive of women and more equal with regards to roles of the bride and groom.
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Orthodox Women's Call to Prayer
June 9, 2015  7:00-8:30 PM at Drisha Institute for Jewish Education (37 West 65th Street, 5th Floor, NYC)
Join Devorah Evron, Director of the Elga Stulman Institute at HaMidrasha, for a dynamic and interactive discussion exploring the new intersection of halakha, hashkafa and practical considerations engaging women around the world.

Film Screening at JCC Manhattan
June 15, 2015  7:30 PM JCC Manhattan (Amsterdam and 76th Street)
Come see "Righteous Rebel: Rabbi Avi Weiss" and "A Woman and a Robe - The Tale." Co presented by JOFA and Yeshivat Maharat.
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Chatan and Kallah Teacher Training
Training will be June 21-24, 2015
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"Ritual Innovation"

Women Learn Daf Yomi by a Woman by Michelle Cohen Farber 
Creating Rituals for Miscarriage and Weaning by Haviva Ner-David 
My Journey to Become a Shohetet by Rachel Marder
Road to Wearing a Tallit by Bat Sheva Marcus 

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