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Finding Success and Fulfillment both Professionally and at Home: ImaKadima

Monday December 19th at 1 PM (EST) 

Join us for a conversation on balancing a fulfilling career and home life by Naava Shafner, founder and Executive Director of ImaKadima. ImaKadima is a non-profit organization in Israel that supports, educates, and advocates for a wide spectrum of career-minded mothers. Aware of the challenges of combining motherhood with career ambition, ImaKadima provides practical solutions and assistance for career-minded moms. Naava Shafner will share her unique holistic approach to these challenges, which focus both on professional development and improving family life. Her philosophy is driven by the belief that mothers are a tremendous asset to the workforce, and that it is in everyone's best interest to accommodate the needs of families in the workplace. 

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January 14th and 15th at Columbia University

The Columbia / Barnard Hillel is a proud sponsor of this year’s JOFA Conference and the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life will be hosting our Saturday night programming. 

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"Mehitzot over matter"

The Fall 2016 JOFA Journal focusing on Mehitzot is now available online! 

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Rabbi Herzfeld

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