UK Life Cycle Events

simchat bat

Celebrating the birth of a baby girl?

JOFA has collated resources to help you plan a meaningful welcoming ritual 

bat mitzvah

Celebrating coming of age as a woman?

JOFA can support you with ideas! Check out our Journal on Bat Mitzvah and if you need a teacher, contact us at [email protected].


How can you include women’s voices in a an Orthodox wedding ceremony?

Click here for ideas!

marriage preparation courses

coming soon

halachic prenups in the UK 

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the Jewish approach to intimacy

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Mikveh Salon

An open, honest, safe space to discuss mikveh and niddah: 

*Are you curious about what happens at the mikveh? 
*Are you looking for a safe space to talk about your mikveh practice? 
*Do you avoid going to the mikveh at all costs? 
*Do you grapple with what it means to you to go to the mikveh on a monthly basis?

Contact us to host or join a space to share stories, rituals, and reflections on an experience not oft discussed communally. 
The conversation will be facilitated by Dina Brawer, rabbinical student at  Yeshivat Maharat and Emily Simon a GP specializing in women's health.



Can women recite kaddish?

Read JOFA's book by Rahel Berkovits