bookJOFA was founded in 1997, following an overwhelming response to the first international conferences, each attended by more than 1,000 women and men. The organization has grown from a small group that gathered around founding President Blu Greenberg’s kitchen table into a professionally staffed, international alliance. It is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization, boasts a membership of over 5,500 individuals and has garnered the support of noted scholars, leaders, activists, and philanthropic grantors in the Jewish and feminist worlds. JOFA board members represent various regions of the United States and its members are active in many countries including Israel, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong, Holland, Germany and Australia.




Our Logo

JOFA logoEvoking Miriam's tambourine and the waters of her well, our logo celebrates
Jewish women's leadership. The waves emerging from the logo remind us of our dedication to Torah, often compared to water, and illustrate our commitment to continually moving forward while remaining connected to our past.