JOFA is proud to connect our constituents with resources that will enhance their educational and ritual experiences.

JOFA's Online Library is a comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to women and halakha.

The Chatan and Kallah Teachers Directory is a list of women and men who have participated in JOFA's Chatan and Kallah Teacher Workshops.

The Partnership Minyan Directory lists partnership minyanim by country and state. The practices of the minyanim listed vary from one to the next. JOFA does not endorse the practices of any particular minyan.

The Women's Tefillah Group Directory lists Women's Tefillah Groups by country and state. The practices of the groups listed vary from one to the next. 

The list of Orthodox Shuls Where Women Can Say Kaddish should serve as a guide for women who are looking to say Kaddish. Please keep in mind that this information was collected from those familliar with the synagogue's practices, but JOFA did not confirm all of the data with the shuls.

JOFA's Holiday Resources help communities enhance their holidays by bringing fresh perspectives to old traditions, and offering suggestions for creating new traditions.

JOFA's Torah Lending Program bolsters the activities of girls and women seeking ritual inclusion in Jewish life by loaning a Sefer Torah to women and girls in the New York tri-state area in order to celebrate events such as bat mitzvah, engagement, marriage, birth, Rosh Hodesh, or other milestones.

JOFA provides a list of Resources for Agunot and their families in the United States, Israel, Canada and England.

JOFA's Best Practices for Mikvaot set standards for communities create mikvaot that are safe, spiritual, and meaningful sacred spaces.

JOFA's Webinar Series can provide you with skills, resources, and connections to advance social change around gender issues in your community.

JOFA recommends Films that lead to engaging coversations around gender and Orthodo Judaism.