SperberThe JOFA conferences explore vitally important halachic and social issues through the exchange of ideas and resources. All conferences are open to both men and women. The events bring together like-minded members of the Jewish community who work together to advance the role of women in Orthodoxy. They happen once every three years.

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International Conferences

The First International Conference on Feminism and Orthodoxy took place in 1997, galvanizing the community and leading to the creation of JOFA. Since then the JOFA conferences have become meeting grounds for leaders of Jewish Feminism.

2017 Conference: Learn more here

2013: Voices of Change
    Click here to listen to recordings from the 2013 Conference

2010: Join the Conversation 
    Click here to listen to recordings from the 2010 Conference

2007: Celebrating our 10th Anniversary: V'Chai Bahem...Passion and Possibility
    Click here to listen to recordings from the 2007 Conference 

2004: Male and Female God Created Them: Women and Men in Partnership  

2002: Discovering/Uncovering/Recovering: Women in Judaism 

2000: Where Have You Come From and Where are You Going 

1998: Exploring the Impact of Feminist Values on Traditional Women's Lives 

1997: First International Conference on Feminism and Orthodoxy 

Regional Conferences

JOFA's Regional Conferences reach people in their communities and provide a forum for women and men to discuss issues relevant to Orthodox feminism, to learn from a variety of rabbis and scholars and to interact closely with national JOFA leaders.

May 2008, Los Angeles: Wedding Preparations for the Orthodox Marriage: What Every Bride and Groom Must Have Before the Huppah: Get Protection

February 2008, Washington D.C.: Continuing the Conversation: The Roles of Women and Men in Orthodox Judaism

November 2006, Los Angeles: Teaching Our Daughters: What Should We Expect from Their Orthodox Day School Education?

February 2006, St. Louis: Women and Men in Partnership: Rituals Around the Shabbat Table, Innovations in Kiddushin

January 2006, Chicago: Women and Men in Partnership: Women in Synagogue Access and Participation: Mikvah and Sexuality Reconciling Law and Desire

March 2005, Boston (at Brandeis University): Choosing Limits/Limiting Choices: Women’s Status and Religious Life

December 2004, Baltimore: M’chayil L’chayil—From Strength to Strength: Shaping our Jewish Experience

February 2002, Washington D.C.: Halakhic Woman: Facing the 21st Century

2001, New York City: JOFA in Progress