JOFA advocates for women's meaningful participation in Jewish life to the full extent possible within halakha.

Ritual Inclusion: JOFA seeks to expand opportunities for women in Orthodox life within the framework of halakha.  To that end, JOFA offers several resources to provide women with halakhic information and practical tools to encourage them to become more involved in Jewish ritual.  Explore JOFA's resources on ritual inclusion.

Agunot: JOFA seeks a systemic halakhic solution to the plight of agunotRead more about JOFA's agunah advocacy and resources.

Women in Leadership: JOFA advocates for increased opportunities for women to: function as religious, spiritual and halakhic leaders in synagogues and communities; assume professional and lay leadership roles in all spheres of communal life.  Leadership positions available to Orthodox women should include presidents of Orthodox synagogues, heads of day schools and heads of Orthodox organizations.  In addition, JOFA seeks to place more women as Talmud and halakha teachers in institutions of higher learning.  Read more about JOFA's advocacy work and resources on Women in Leadership.