Purim in Hollywood, Fl with Almost 150 Women

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 4:05pm -- rootuser

By Hannah Hostyk

Hollywood group shotFor the women of Hollywood Florida, the Women’s Megillah reading is a highlight in our spiritual lives. This year almost 150 women collectively attended our evening and morning readings. As in years past, some of the women who attended had never heard the megillah read before. This year, some of our supporters generously donated new copies of the megillahfor the group, so that we now have our own dedicated copies of the megillah for future use. The first time we read megillah, six years ago, we consulted with Beth Hindin and Robyn Shoulson of the Women’s Megillah Reading in West Orange, NJ who gave us much needed advice and guidance. This year, our readers included four of our original readers who have read for the past six years (Diana Levy, Julia Steiner, Maxine Gill, and me!), two readers who have been reading for the past two years (Abby Schochet and Nessa Reich), one new reader (Sheryl Dennis), and our newest reader (Rina Reich) who, at thirteen, is our youngest reader ever (and the daughter of one of our readers).

Potluck Minyan in Brooklyn Hosts its 6th Megillah Reading

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 4:05pm -- rootuser

By Rori Picker Neiss  

Potluck MinyanI took a deep breath and looked around the room. There were more faces looking back at me than I had ever seen in my living room previously. Bodies overflowed into the dining room, kitchen, and hallway. Many of the people were familiar, but many were new; friends and family who heard about our megillahreading.

A Visit to Shushan

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 4:05pm -- rootuser

By Bracha Jaffe

Purim and drama have always been passions in my family. This year they intertwined in a totally unexpected and unique way.Shachar Purim

Having recently moved to Riverdale, I immediately joined the Shachar partnership Minyan which happily cushioned my arrival in a new neighborhood. After actively participating in a few Tefilot, I casually asked whether they read the Megila on Purim. The answer was:

  • “Of course, but we do it a bit differently”
  • “Hmm” (I wondered) “what could that be?”
  • “Think of the Megila as a play…”
  • “Cool – different - how do you do it?”

“Here’s how we do it”

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