The Dance of Halakha: Spring 2014

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Raising Our Voices by Judy Heicklen 

Rivka Haut—An Appreciation by Blu Greenberg

A Holy Calling by Neshama Carlebach

La’ad Dance by Dalia Davis

Dancing for Women: JeWTA Promotes Talent Within the Orthodox Community by Adena Blickstein

Kol Isha: Don’t Drown Out a Woman’s Voice by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

On Becoming ‘The Voice’ for Young Orthodox Women by Ofir ben Shitrit

The Song Is the Pen of the Soul by Rebecca Teplow

Orthodox Feminist Activism Through Film: An Interview with Nurit Jacobs-Yinon by Karen Miller Jackson .

Meet the Glaser Sisters by Chaya Morgan Glaser

Bulletproof Stockings Rocks the Frum World by Miriam Brosseau

Aliza Hiller: On Being an Orthodox ‘Jock’ and a Coach in a Yeshiva Setting by Pam Scheininger

Can a Religious Woman Play Premier League Basketball? The Naama Shafir Story by Karen Miller Jackson

Emerging Voices: Pursuing the Performing Arts as a Modern Orthodox Teen by Shoshana Edelman 


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