Rabbis' Stances on Halakhic Prenuptial Agreements

According to the Beit Din of America, “The Halakhic Prenuptial Agreement has been successful in preventing cases of agunot in 100% of the divorce cases that have come before them, so long as the Prenup was properly signed and a copy available.” However, despite this high praise, many Orthodox officiants do not require (or even encourage) brides and grooms to sign a halakhic prenuptial agreement, thereby contributing to the agunah problem. Following Rabbi Jeremy Stern's call to action in his powerful piece, "Why I rescinded my shul membership,” JOFA is collecting data about Orthodox rabbis and whether they require couples to sign the prenup. Please join us in creating this list, which will serve as a resource for couples looking to get married, as well as a way for the Orthodox community to measure our progress on using the halakhic tools at our disposal to end the agunah crisis.

Fill out this Google Form to share where your Orthodox rabbis stand in regard to the halakhic prenuptial agreement. 

Watch this space, we will be posting the results of the form as they come in.

Learn more about the issue and read, "Voting with Our Feet: Heeding the Call of ORA's Rabbi Jeremy Stern" by JOFA's Executive Director, Dr. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg