Tammy Jacobowitz

Region: New Jersey
Honorarium: $200-$400 lecture $1500 Shabbos

Tammy Jacobowitz is an advanced doctoral student in Midrash at the University of Pennsylvania as a Wexner graduate fellow. A graduate of the Drisha Scholars Circle in New York, Tammy has taught extensively in various communal settings throughout the New York and Philadelphia areas. Her classroom functions as a space that bridges the academy and the community, and creates meaningful dialogue through text study. Tammy is currently teaching Tanakh in the Drisha Bet Midrash Program and is on the Rabbinics faculty for Me'ah NYC.


  • Storytelling and Memory in the Haggadah
  • An In-depth Study of Tamar and Judah
  • Images of Women in the Midrash on Eichah
  • Women's Bodies and Social Control in Vayikra Rabbah

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