Dr. Tamar Ross

Tamar RossRegion: Israel
Honorarium: $2000 for 2 lectures on Shabbat

Dr. Tamar Ross teaches in the Department of Jewish Philosophy of Bar Ilan University and at Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem. She has published widely in scholarly journals on various topics related to Jewish philosophy and mysticism, the Musar movement, Hassidism and Mitnaggedism, and the thoughts of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. One of her major interests is in theological issues arising from the interface between Judaism and modernity, as evidenced in her recently published book Expanding the Palace of Torah: Orthodoxy and Feminism.


  • The Sage and the Prophet - Two Models of Jewish Spirituality
  • "The Feminist Contribution to Halakhic Discourse: Kol be-Isha Erva as a Test Case"
  • The Role of Doubt in Religious Belief
  • Allegory as a Tool for Resolving Faith Conflicts
  • The Challenge of Feminism to Traditional Judaism
  • "Where to Look for Miracles: Maimonides, Ramban, Rav Dessler and the Maharal on the Relationship between the Natural and the Supernatural"
  • "Can Torah be Studied Objectively? The Response of the Musar Movement to Bias in Talmud Torah"
  • "Can Judaism Sustain the Feminist Critique of Gender?"
  • "A Bet Midrash of Her Own: Women's Contribution to the Study and Knowledge of Torah"

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