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JOFA means so much to you. JOFA is the place where you share ideas with like-minded people. JOFA is where you find the tools for advancing social change in your community.  Being a member of JOFA enables you to connect with people, like you, who are working to make the religious world a better place for women -- and men.  JOFA is you. It’s who you are. It’s your identity, your voice, and your community. Become a member and stay connected to people just like you. JOFA is where you belong.

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Membership FAQ


Cost of membership for one year: $100 ($50 for full time students)

Membership is automatically included with all general donations to JOFA in amounts of $100 or more.  


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frequently asked questions:


What is JOFA membership?
It's a new model for supporting JOFA and standing up as a member of the Orthodox Feminist movement. All donations of $100 qualify for JOFA membership.

I thought I was already a member, am I not?
For the last few years, JOFA has not had a formal membership plan. Donors, event attendees, and others would simply consider themselves members (or not) based on their own criteria - and we were fine with that! But there are many people who want to be "official" members of JOFA through a formal act of financial support and affiliation. 

No, but seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm a member.

There is a small number of people who became "lifetime JOFA members" in 2004 by making a significant financial contribution. We are honoring lifetime memberships. Please contact [email protected] if that applies to you.

Otherwise, you may have been receiving the journal in exchange for an annual $36 donation, or you could have simply felt so connected to JOFA that you felt like a member. If so, thank you for the support and we hope you join our new membership plan!

What if I just want the JOFA journal?
That's OK! We will continue to send the journal to all donors at the $36 level.

I really love JOFA. Can I become a member twice?
Aw shucks, that's so sweet. The best way to show your love for JOFA beyond membership is to make a donation. You can do so when signing up to become a member, or through our online donation form.

Are membership dues tax deductible?
Yes, it is!