Women and Hilkhot Shofar

"A Cry from the Soul: Women and Hilkhot Shofar"

by Alissa Thomas-Newborn


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Women and Hilkhot Shofar Webinar from JOFA on Vimeo.


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Put it into action!
JOFA suggests a few practical steps that you can take to make women blowing shofar a more common sight in the Orthodox community.
  1. 1. Spread the skill! Gather friends and family of all ages for your own DIY shofar blowing workshop.
  2. Engage your Gabbaim about organizing a later shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah for women and girls who missed the earlier one.
  3. Arrange for women to visit home-bound women and blow shofar for them on Rosh Hashanah.
  4. Organize a tefillah group to meet during Chodesh Elul where women can blow shofar after Shacharit.
  5. Add shofar blowing as an optional skill for Bat/Bar Mitzvah students in your community.