Sandra E. Rapoport Esq.

Sandra RapoportRegion: New York City
Honorarium: $300 minimum

Sandra Rapoport is an author, teacher and inspiring speaker on biblical topics.  She is the author of Biblical Seductions:  Six Stories Retold Based on Talmud and Midrash (2011), as well as the coauthor of two other books that tell the stories of the Bible’s women:  The Passions of the Matriarchs (2004), and Moses’ Women (2008).  Sandra specializes in retelling the Bible’s stories through the lens of its female characters, giving voice to those who are portrayed only sparely in the text.  She does this by a fascinating interweaving of Torah text with Midrash.  In 2005 Sandra’s essay on the Matriarch Sarah won The London School of Jewish Studies (formerly Jews College, London) D’var Torah Competition.  Sandra, a former litigating attorney and management consultant, teaches a popular series on the Women of the Bible at the Manhattan JCC, has taught at The Drisha Institute, and speaks in synagogues, book clubs, sisterhoods and men’s clubs, universities, and Hillels throughout New York City, Long Island, Scarsdale, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and also in London.  Sandra spent the Fall, 2010 semester at Harvard University as a Resident Scholar, teaching classes in her specialty:  bringing the Bible’s personalities to vivid life by blending Bible text and Midrash.  She is listed in Who’s Who of American Women and lives in New York City with her husband.


  • Up On the Roof:  The Story of David & Batsheva
  • Moses’ Transformation from “A Man of Egypt” into “A Man of God”
  • Batya, Moses' Second Mother
  • Desperately Seeking Sarah: Her Silence During the Akeida
  • The Heartbreak of Sarah and Hagar
  • Making Choices: Lot Chooses Sodom

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