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Join us on Taanit Esther, International Agunah Day for a webinar on:

"Financial Feminism: What Every Woman Needs To Know" by Amy Levenson. 

March 9, 2017 -- 12:30pm EST-- Online


As women, we are often too busy taking care of everyone else to be able to take care of ourselves. Learn which financial issues are unique to women's needs and why because “No Women Allowed” should never be tolerated in overseeing your own household investments, retirement plan, or estate plan. 

Join us for a webinar led by Amy Levenson, portfolio and Wealth manager specializing in both Women and Wealth and The Financial side of Divorce, at UBS Financial Services. Learn why it is critical that we personally remain educated and take leadership in overseeing our financial futures as women at every stage, whether married or single, and whether with a small or large net worth.


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Amy Levenson is the head of The Levenson Group at UBS, a wealth management team which specializes in both Women and Wealth and the Financial Side of Divorce.  Amy is a Portfolio manager and holds CDFA designation. Amy began her illustrious career on Wall Street in 1985 and became one of the first female institutional bond traders in the industry.  She spent the majority of her institutional years at Goldman Sachs  where she was an acclaimed trader and then institutional salesperson receiving many awards including "top salesperson in north America" and  "Business unit leader" . In 2001 Goldman created a unique opportunity which allowed Amy and a colleague  to pioneer a highly successful Job share structure at the highest levels of the bond division.Amy has taken her 30+ years of institutional experience and knowledge and transitioned to wealth management where she applies her unique financial insights to help individuals achieve their financial goals  by integrating tax efficient investment management with estate planning and retirement planning.

Amy has a BA from Barnard College and an MBA from Columbia University. She is a past recipient of Emunah International's  "Good Name" Award and received an award from the State of New Jersey of "praise and commendation" for her successful volunteer initiatives activities in Bergen County, NJ. Amy has four children and lives in New York City and Atlantic Beach. She enjoys the Beach, Yoga, Citibike and watching reruns of Downton Abbey.


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