Webinar Archive



Finding Success and Fulfillment both Professionally and at Home: ImaKadima with Naava Shafner.

Tools for Engaging in Difficult Conversations with Abby Brockman. 

Aligning Our Values And Dollars: How JWFNY Set New Parental Leave Standards For Jewish Organizations with Stephanie Blumenkranz and Liz Smulian.


Wisdom Ethereal and Domestic: The Woman in Kabbalat Shabbat, Theology, and Tradition with Debra Band.


Insights into the OTD Movement with Mark Trencher.


Bat Mitzvah Reimagined with Dina Brawer.


Megillat Ruth--A Story of Survival, Love, and Politics with Debra Band. Moderated by Rachel Lieberman.


Preventing Sexual Abuse at Overnight Camps with Rahel Bayar. Moderated by Rabbi Menachem Hecht.


Love, Marriage, and Jewish Families: Paradoxes of a Social Revolution, Featuring Drs. Sylvia Barack Fishman and Michelle Shain. Moderated by Amy Powell

 "Help, a Crisi-tunity!" How To Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity and Leverage Your Online Petition to Create Change with Michelle Reyf, Director of Groundwell, and Dr. Noam Stadlan. Moderated by Rachel Lieberman


"Who is Deborah? Illuminating the Deborah Story" with Debra Band. Moderated by Rachel Lieberman


Women and Philanthropy with Ann Pava and Leslie Dannin Rosenthal. Moderated by Rachel Lieberman


Stories from the Trenches: 18 Years of Change and Challenges with JOFA's Past Presidents. Featuring Blu Greenberg, Carol Kaufman Newman, and Judy Heicklen. Moderated by Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

Engaging Women on Simchat Torah in Your Community: A Conversation with Aliza Abrams Konig, Toby Goldfisher Kaplowitz, and Rabbi Adam Starr. Moderated by Sari Steinberg
Explore the primary sources through JOFA’s Ta Shma Guide, “May Women Touch a Torah Scroll?” by Devorah Zlochower.


Webinar: Work-Life Balance, Equal Pay, and Staying on the Promotion Track: Advocating for Yourself in the Workplace from JOFA on Vimeo.


JOFA in the UK: A Case Study in Going from Zero to Sixty from JOFA on Vimeo.


The Stained Glass Ceiling: Women Running for Synagogue Board and Serving as President from JOFA on Vimeo.


Women and Hilkhot Shofar Webinar from JOFA on Vimeo.


Israeli Women Living in the Shadow of War from JOFA on Vimeo.


Shloshim Limmud: A Mother's Recitation of Kaddish from JOFA on Vimeo.


MikvahChat: An Open, Honest, Anonymous, Online Conversation About Mikvah, Niddah, and Sex from JOFA on Vimeo.


Webinar: The Maharats' First Year in the Field: A Retrospective from JOFA on Vimeo.


Accessing an Age-old Tradition: Women Reading and Writing Megillat Esther with Phyllis Shapiro and Sara Wolkenfeld

Click here for Sara's source sheet.


How (and Why!) to Start a Partnership Minyan with Tova Hartman, Dr. Chaim Trachtman, Steven M Katz, and Amy Newman



How Change Happens Around Gender Issues in Orthodox Shuls with Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld