Orthodox Shuls Where Women Can Say Kaddish

JOFA asked rabbis, professional staff, and members of Orthodox synagogues around the world whether or not women can recite Mourner's Kaddish at their synagogues. Below is the list of results. Please keep in mind that this information was collected from those familliar with the synagogue's practices, but JOFA did not confirm all of the data with the shuls.  If you would like to clarify a policy, please contact the shul directly.

If you would like to add your shul to the list, please fill out our survey.

* Note: A man always says Kaddish so there is never a situation where a woman would be saying it alone.

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Check out A Daughter's Recitation of Mourner's Kaddish, JOFA's Halakhic Source Guide on women reciting kaddish.