Rachel Keren

Rachel KerenRegion: Israel
Honorarium: In Israel: $150-$300; Abroad: $500 lecture, $1000 Shabbat + travel expenses

Rachel Keren received her BA and MA from Hebrew University in Jewish Philosophy and History. She is a graduate of the School for Educational Leadership of the Mandel Foundation in Jerusalem (2000-2001). From 1982 until 1999, she taught at "Shaked" High school, a regional school of the Kibbutz Hadati movement in Sde Eliahu. She also she served as a Jewish education adviser and created Jewish studies programs for Hebrew schools in Amsterdam for 3 years and served as the head of the Midrasha of the Kibbutz Hadati in Ein hanatziv for 5 years. She is currently a senior lecturer of the Midrasha and the Director of Educational Development. Since September of 2006, she has been chair of "Kolech," a forum of religious feminist women in Israel. She resides with her husband Gedalia and 3 children in Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv.


  • A wide range of topics in Tanach with an emphasis on women and women issues
  • Midrash Aggadah: Reading and exploring the philosophy and beliefs of our sages, emphasizing women issues
  • Rambam - especially Guide for Pereplexed and other Philosophic writings
  • Promoting women issues in Israel.

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