Dr. Norma Baumel Joseph

Dr. Norma Baumel JosephRegion: Canada
Honorarium: $750-$1500

Dr. Norma Baumel Joseph, is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religion at Concordia University, and Director of the Women and Religion specialization. Her teaching and research areas include women and Judaism, and Jewish Law and ethics. She was consultant to the films Half the Kingdom, and Untying the Bonds...Jewish Divorce. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the legal decisions of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein as they delineate separate spheres for women. A founding member of the Canadian Coalition of Jewish Women for the Get, Dr. Joseph successfully worked with the Federal Government to pass a law in 1990 that would protect Jewish women in difficult divorce situations and aid them in pursuit of their get.



  • Agony of Agunot: Divorce Law & Feminism
  • Women in the Jewish Legal Tradition; Responsa Responding to Women
  • A Daughter's Kaddish
  • Food & Religion: Women as Central Ritual Experts

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