Janet Dolgin

Janet DolginRegion: West Hempstead, NY
Honorarium: negotiable

Janet Dolgin is a lawyer (J.D. Yale Law School) and an anthropologist (Ph.D. Princeton University). Her first book, Jewish Identity and the JDL (Princeton University Press), was based on an ethnographic study of the Jewish Defense League. She is now the Jack and Freda Dicker Distinguished Professor of Health Care Law at Hofstra Law School. She has written books and articles about family law, health law, bioethics, and constitutional law. She lectures widely in the U.S. and abroad.

Personal Statement:
Janet will be spending the summer in Vermont.


  • Personhood, Discrimination and the New Genetics: Why are Jews (Askenazi Jews in particular) being associated with a disproportionate number of harmful genetic alterations and what are the consequences?
  • American Constitutional Law: Interpretations of the religion clauses
  • Women, Frumkeit and the "Modern" Orthodox World: Why has the Orthodox community increasingly measured their religiosity through references to the habits, clothing, and experiences of women?
  • American Family Law (including its implications for Jewish Communities) — e.g. surrogacy, and the new reproductive technologies

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