Ta Shma Guide: Women's Obligation in Kiddush of Shabbat

  • kiddish cupAre women obligated in kiddush of Shabbat?
  • What is the level of a woman’s obligation—biblical or rabbinic?
  • May women fulfill the obligation on behalf of others—men and women?
  • May a woman, who has already fulfilled her obligation, repeat kiddush for someone who has not yet recitedkiddush?

In this halakhic source guide, Rahel Berkovits guides readers through the relevant texts and explores the pertinent halakhic discourse.

Rahel Berkovits lectures in Mishnah, Talmud and halakhah at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. She has published entries in the CD-ROM, Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia and lectures widely in both Israel and the United States on topics concerning women and Jewish law. Rahel is a founding member of Congregation Shirah Hadashah, a progressive halakhic minyan.