Ta Shma Guide: May Women Touch A Torah Scroll?

  • torahAre there prohibitions barring women in niddah from touching Torah scrolls?
  •  What are the sources for the popular practices that caused women in niddah to remove themselves or be removed from synagogues, studying Torah, and praying?
  •  What is the halakhic weight of these practices?

In this halakhic source guide, Devorah Zlochower guides readers through a comprehensive analysis of the relevant sources.

Devorah Zlochower served as Rosh Beit Midrash and Talmud and halakha instructor at Drisha Institute and SAR High School. She has lectured widely and written on topics of Jewish law as well as religious feminism and women's religious leadership. She is a member of the advisory boards of JOFA and Sh'ma. She lives in Riverdale with her husband and two sons.