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Each issue of the JOFA Journal offers editorials, scholarly articles, and updates on issues that resonate with the Orthodox community.  It also includes book reviews on the latest publications of interest to our readers.  The Journal is sent to everyone who donates $36 or more to JOFA during the course of the year. Click here to make a donation and receive our next issue!

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A Bigger Tent, Fall 2017

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Mehitzot Over Matter, Fall 2016
Preventing Abuse In Our Jewish Communities,Fall 2015/Winter 2016
Rabbinic Authority, Spring 2015
Ritual Innovation, Fall 2014
The Dance of Halakha, Spring 2014
Leaning In, Fall 2013
As We Age, Spring 2013
Women in Israel, Fall 2012
Birth Rituals, Spring 2012
Education, Summer 2011
Bat Mitzvah, Fall 2010
Body Image, Fall 2009
Shabbat, Spring 2009 
Individual and Communal Mourning, Summer 2008
Reclaiming Women's Names, Spring 2008
Shavuot, Summer 2007
Women and Tzedaka, Spring 2007
Leadership, Winter 2006
Orthodox Women and the Arts, Summer 2006
Tefilah, Winter 2005
Agunah, Summer 2005 
Agunah Journal Addendum "Solutions to the Agunah Problem: Barriers and Backlash"
Women and Leadership, Winter 2004
From the Other Side of the Mechitza, Summer 2004
Pesach and JOFA Conference Review, Spring 2004
Purim, Winter 2003
New Beginnings, Fall 2003
Weddings II, Summer 2003
Agunah, Winter 2002
Israel Mission, Fall 2002
Day School Education, Summer 2002
Feminism, Winter 2001
Tzniut, Winter 2000
Community Challenge: The Baruch Lanner Case, Fall 2000
Women in Synagogue, Summer 2000
Creating an Orthodox Feminist Organization, Winter 1999
Women's Spirituality, Fall 1999
Weddings, Summer 1999
Moving Ahead As Orthodox Jews, Fall 1998



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