Shema Bekolah: Hear Her Voice

formerly Vehigadet Levitekh

Shema Bekolah: Hear Her Voice is a project to publicize the work of outstanding female Torah Scholars and to increase the number of divrei Torah written by women. Several times a year JOFA mails a new publication to all JOFA members and publishes the articles on this website. You can download PDFs of the divrei Torah by clicking on the links below.

This project was formerly known as Vehigadet Levitekh: And You Shall Tell Your Daughters...


The Spirituality of Intimacy: Thoughts on Selihot (2009)
By Erin Leib Smokler

Communal Return Through Personal Introspection (2007)
By Dina Najman

Rosh Hashanah

Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves (2011)
By Sara Tillinger Wolkenfeld

Rosh Hashanah: Day of Judgment, Day of (Re-)Creation (2008)
By Miriam Udel-Lambert

Crying: An Expression of Prayer (2006)
By Sara Hurwitz

The Song of the Shofar: The Lessons of the Sons of Korah (2003)
By Malka Hubscher

Yom Kippur 

"And We Bow": The Choregraphy of Yom Kippur (2017)
By Liz Shayne

Our Prophets, Ourselves: Jonah, Judgement, and the Act of Repentance (2014)
By Rachel Rosenthal

Change We Can Believe In (2013)
By Aliza Sperling

Yizkor: Yom Kippur and Remembrance (2012)
By Deborah E. Lipstadt

Shedding Sin: The Scapegoat Ritual on Yom Kippur (2004)
By Rachel Friedman


Succot and Hakhel: The Point of Re-entry (2015)
By Gila Sacks

On Permanence and Impermanence: Reflections on the Sukkah (2010)
By Erin Leib Smokler

The Sukkah—A Temporary Fortress (2005)
By Mia Diamond Padva


Hanukkah: A Lesson in Fixed Spontaneity (2016)

By Dina Brawer

The Beauty of Hiddur Mitzvah (2015)
By Rosh Kehilah Dina Najman

MiNashim ba'Ohel Tevorakh: Women, Tents, and Blessings (2014)
By Amy Newman

Creating Light Each Day (2013)
By Gila Sacks

Hanukkah Candles in a New Light (2012)
By Rachel Kohl Feingold

In Those Days and in Ours: The Eight Days of Hanukkah with Hava Shapiro (1878-1943)(2011)
By Dr. Wendy Zierler

Hanukkah: Restoration with Innovation (2010)
By Miriam Udel

Dreaming in the Dark: Miketz and the Menorah (2009)
By Erin Leib Smokler

A Time to Rise in Holiness (2008)
By Noa Jesselsohn

A Great Miracle Happened (T)here (2007)
By Dr. Shani Berrin Tzoref

What is Hanukah? (2006)
By Lisa Schlaff

On Women’s Obligation to Light Hanukah Candles (2005)
By Rachel Dulitz

Hanukah: The People’s Holiday (2004)
By Channa Lockshin Bob

Shining Outward: The Lights of Hanukah (2003)
By Julie Lieber


Kiyemu veKibelu: Creating a Jewish Identity in a Post-Divine World (2013)
by Ruth Balinsky Friedman


"Sameah uMesameah": Festal Rejoicing as a Rabbinic Account of Motivation (2015)
By Miriam Udel

Pesah - Hag HaHinuh: The Holiday of Education (2014)
By Yaffa Epstein

Scents of Redemption (2012)
By Shira Billet

Discussing the Exodus until Daybreak: The Significance of Nighttime Tales (2011)
By Erin Leib Smokler

The Geulah of Gerut: Pesah as Transformation (2010)
By Erin Leib Smokler

The Miracle of Haggadah (2008)
By Rachel Keren

Pesach: The Holiday of Love (2007)
By Karen Miller Jackson

Silver and Atonement: The Half-Shekel (2006)
By Karen Koenig Schochet

The Eternal Flame (2005)
By Deena Grant

Towards Personal Redemption (2004)
By Jennie Rosenfeld

In A Good Time (2003)
By Ilana Goldstein Saks