Dr. Debby Koren

Debby KorenRegion: Israel
Honorarium: 500 NIS in Israel, $300-$500 abroad.

Debby Koren has a PhD in mathematics and after a long career in computer networking, she is devoting herself to her real passion, Jewish Studies. She has a master's degree in Jewish Studies with a specialty in Halakha and Talmud. She translates and annotates responsa and writes and lectures on halakhic topics. 


  • The Ashkenazi Custom of Two Blessings for T'fillin - Is it a mistaken custom? A textual analysis.
  • A Man Precedes a Women when Saving a Life (Horayot 3, 7) - What are the implications of the lesser obligation of women in mitzvot? A text-based study session on women's obligation in mitzvot.
  • Jews are not Catholic - An Examination of Halakhic Sources on Abortion
  • "Grace is deceptive, beauty is illusory" (Proverbs 31:30) - Two Halakhic Approaches to Elective Plastic Surgery. A text-based discussion.
  • Raisinettes - Safek and Humrot: An examination of the halakhic approach and the tendency to choose stringent rulings, using source texts.
  • Agenda in P'sak Halakha - Are halakhic decisions based on a search for truth or are they influenced by public policy considerations? A text-based study session.
  • Responsa in a Historical Context - Early modern and modern responsa are examined in the context of the events of their times, such as post-expulsion Sephardic Jewish experience or European Jewish experience during or following the time of emancipation.

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