Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

Bat Sheva MarcusRegion: New York

Bat Sheva Marcus is one of the founding members of JOFA, and a past Chair of the International Women's Tefillah Network. She serves as both the Chief Operating Officer of M.A.Z.E. Fertility Laboratories and Clinical Director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality. She holds a PhD in Human Sexuality as well as an MPH from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Additionally she completed an MA in Social Work from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary.


  • The Road To Wearing a Tallit - Addressing the Tensions of Change in the Community
  • Tzniut and Sexuality - A Case of Compatibility or Mutual Exclusivity?
  • Mating, Marriage, and Mikvah - Towards a New Sexual Awareness
  • Kol Kvod Bat Melech Pniman - The Case For Women in Leadership.
  • But Ima, Why Aren't Any Women on the Bima? - Raising Conscious and Concerned Children in the Orthodox Community.

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