Soferet S Avielah Barclay

Avielah BarclayRegion: Canada
Honorarium: $500 + travel

Orthodox-Certified Soferet S?M (Sifrei Torah, Mezuzah & Megillah), artist, teacher, writer, speaker, & radio personality, Avielah Barclay is grounded in Judaism's mystical and Halakhic traditions. In the summer of 2003, Avielah returned to Jerusalem where she completed her training as a Soferet with her two Orthodox mentors. Following her certification, she began writing Megillot Esther, Mezuzot & writing & repairing Sifrei Torah. Avielah currently teaches Hebrew calligraphy, Midrash on the alefbet, and the Kabbalah of the letters.


  • ShalhevetYah: the Holy Flame of the AlefBet, an exploration of Midrash on the Hebrew letters, lessons on how to connect with the Divine, on Social Action & more that can be found in their shapes & in the spaces in between!
  • Sh'ma Yisrael: a workshop for the kids (or adults) on how to write the Sh'ma with a feather-quill on parchment.
  • Check Your Own Mezuzah - this workshop encourages us to keep the mitzvah of placing Mezuzot in our homes and checking them twice every seven years by teaching how to tell if a Mezuzah is kosher.
  • Netivat Sofrut - A dramatic tale of the road less traveled, including provocative discussion of the political and Jewish legal complexities of work as a certified Soferet.

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