Aliza Berger-Cooper

Aliza Berger-CooperRegion: Israel
Honorarium: not listed

Aliza Berger-Cooper authored the chapter "Wrapped Attention: May Women Wear Tefillin?" in the 1998 book Jewish Legal Writings by Women. The speech she made at her son's brit, explaining the history of a special misheberach for the mother, appears on JOFA's website. She is a member of several women's prayer groups. She holds a PhD in educational statistics from Columbia University and an MS in Bible from YU. She works as an academic editor and statistics consultant.


  • Halakhot of Women and Tefillin
  • "Tefillin Stand" - An Interactive Workshop for Women on Wearing Tefillin
  • Halakhot of Women and Tzizit
  • "Tzizit Stand" - Make Your own Tzizit, An Interactive Workshop for Women

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