Tefillah for Agunot

We are asking synagogues across the country to add a prayer for agunot to their Shabbat Misheh Berach davening.

We believe that a weekly prayer will serve not only as a petition for help from God, but will also create an Earthly awareness of the many indignities and injustices agunot often face. We believe constant reminders will help elevate the level of attention being paid to this issue in the Jewish community.  

Tefillah for AgunotCreator of heaven and earth, may it be Your will to free the captive wives of Israel when love and sanctity have fled the home, but their husbands bind them in the tatters of their ketubot. Remove the bitter burden from these agunot and soften the hearts of their misguided captors. Liberate Your faithful daughters from their anguish. Enable them to establish new homes and raise up children in peace.

Grant wisdom to the judges of Israel; teach them to recognize oppression and rule against it. Infuse our rabbis with the courage to use their power for good alone.


 Blessed are you, Creator of heaven and earth, who frees the captives.


English Tefillah by Shelley Frier List. Hebrew Version by Devorah Ross and Esther Israel.