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Below is a list of the organizations that assist agunot and their families in the United States, Israel, Canada and England.

United States

ORA (The Organization For the Resolution of Agunot, Inc.)
ORA’s goal is to help agunot (and in the event the wife refuses to accept a Get, the husband) in obtaining a halakhically valid get. ORA will use educational demonstrations as a last resort. ORA works under strict rabbinic supervision and always attempts to speak with both sides before moving forward in any case.

551 West 181st Street, Suite 123
New York, New York 10033
(212) 795-0791
[email protected]

AGUNAH International
Agunah International's mission is to help free agunot trapped in dead marriages. It alerts the community about the severity of the agunah problem, educates the community concerning halackic precedents for freeing agunot; counsels women whose husbands refuse to grant the get during the divorce process and provides financial aid for agunot in need. They are a tax exempt, non profit 501(c)(3), all-volunteer organization. Services are free of charge.

498 East 18th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11226
[email protected]

GET Assistance Project, New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG)
A not-for-profit law firm founded in 1990, NYLAG provides free civil legal assistance to victims of domestic violence and persons seeking divorce.

7 Hanover Square, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10004
[email protected]

Get Jewish Divorce Justice
The only West Coast-based organization that addresses abuse in the Jewish divorce process, especially as it pertains to California law and rabbinic courts. They work with dayanim, rabbis, attorneys, and educators to intervene on behalf of current victims, and to educate prospective brides from becoming future victims. 

1880 Century Park East, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 730-5282
[email protected]

Get Your Get
Get Your Get promotes closure through the Jewish divorce process and helps women through education, support, and advocacy.

Kayama provides advice and assistance to all Jews about giving a get.

1404 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230
[email protected]


Canadian Coalition of Jewish Women for the Gett
This organization offers financial support to women who are having difficulty obtaining a get. They successfully lobbied the Canadian government for a get law that was passed in August 1990.They also promoted the use of Taanit Esther as National Agunah Day and produced the documentary "UNTYING THE BONDS-JEWISH DIVORCE." They also staff get help-lines across Canada.

Norma Joseph,
Montreal, Canada
[email protected]

Evelyn Brook,
Toronto, Canada
[email protected]



Center For Women's Justice
The goal of the Center for Women's Justice (CWJ) is to safeguard the basic human rights and dignity of Jewish women who appear before the rabbinic and family courts in the State of Israel. Working creatively within Jewish law and the civil legal system, CWJ is dedicated to finding a full and comprehensive answer to the challenges of Jewish women and divorce: the agunah, get refusal, and the mamzer.

43 Emek Rephaim
Jerusalem 93141
[email protected]

ICAR (International Coalition for Agunah Rights)
ICAR is a pluralistic international coalition of 24 organizations which work to promote solutions to the problem of agunot and mesuravot get. ICAR organizes events, seminars, news conferences and public protests to raise public awareness, drafts and promotes legislation, and promotes solutions in accordance with religious and civil law through research, publications and education. ICAR also encourages the use of prenuptial agreements. One of the aims of ICAR is to unite and coordinate efforts internationally in order to avoid duplication and create a stronger force for change.

Robyn Shames, Executive Director
PO. Box 68131
Jerusalem 91680
[email protected]

International Jewish Women’s Rights Project
This organization documents the human rights violations of women in Jewish communities all over the world. Together with the International Council of Jewish Women, they have established a central data base which will include cases of women who have been denied the right to marry and to found a family. They believe that each case is a violation of a Jewish woman's human rights. Their goal is to eliminate the violation of Jewish women’s rights, by gathering information, researching cases and publicizing information about the infringement of Jewish women's rights.

Sharon Shenhav
13 Tel Hai Street
Jerusalem 92107

The International Young Israel Movement in Israel
The influence of this project is felt by those concerned with alleviating the anguish of agunot whether on a personal or institutional level, in Israel and internationally, while having resolved specific cases which were heretofore considered lost causes. In addition, IYIM promotes the halakhic prenuptial Agreement for Mutual Respect and the development of other halakhic solutions to the agunah problem.

Mavoi Satum
Mavoi Satum provides legal, emotional and financial support to agunot, educates the public on the issues of igun, and engages in some lobbying activities.

8 Ha’tasiyah Street
2nd Floor
P.O. Box 8712
Jerusalem 91086
[email protected]

Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women, Bar Ilan University Law School
This center conducts research and trains law students about the problems of agunot.

[email protected]

Yad La'Isha (The Max Morrison Legal Aid Service and Hotline)
The Legal Aid Center is staffed by women who are qualified Rabbinical Court Advocates. The center offers assistance to Israeli women in legal matters pertaining to the process of obtaining a get. Clients are offered legal advice as well as representation in the Rabbinical Courts. In addition, callers to the Hotline receive free advice in matters pertaining to personal status and divorce.

Hotline: 1-800-200-380
Jerusalem: 02-671-0876
Tel Aviv: 03-695-1899
[email protected]


Agunah Research Unit
The Agunah Research Unit conducts halakhic research on possible global solutions to the problem of get refusal. They have also published numerous articles about these topics.

Bernard S. Jackson
[email protected]

Getting Your Get
Getting Your Get provides information for Jewish men and women in England, Wales and Scotland about divorce according to Jewish law. Resources include articles, forms and explanations for lawyers.

Sharon Faith and Deanna Levine
[email protected]