Guide to Jewish Divorce and the Beit Din System

Beit Din Guide CoverJOFA’s Guide to Jewish Divorce and the Beit Din System (2005) helps women make informed decisions as they negotiate the beit din system to obtain a Jewish divorce. The Guide includes frequently asked questions and a section based on the comments and cautions of individuals with personal experience. It also compares the practices of various batei din (rabbinic courts) in the New York metropolitan area and offers a glossary. JOFA proposes that a comparison of batei din be replicated in cities across the country and will offer assistance to individuals who want to organize groups to administer the questionnaire to batei din in their community. If you would like to organize a group and need assistance, contact us at [email protected].





This guidebook is solely for informational purposes. This guidebook is not intended to replace consultation with a rabbi or an attorney, nor is it intended to give legal or halakhic advice.

JOFA does not assume any responsibility for actions taken by any person as a result of information in this guidebook.

The inclusion of a beit din in the Comparison Grid does not constitute and should not be viewed as an endorsement by JOFA.

Please note that in Section 2 item 7 the question of Are there cirumstances in which a woman/man should refuse to accept a get? The answer explained in the below guide is applicable to both women and men.

Please be advised that Section II Article 7 is under revision.

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