Agunot and Jewish Divorce

woman in chainsOverview


A Jewish marriage is terminated by the granting of a get, a document of divorce. If the husband is unwilling or unable to give a get to the wife, the wife is an agunah and may not remarry, leaving her in a state of limbo. This situation is considered one of the greatest crises in the Orthodox world today. Advocacy for agunot has been an integral part of JOFA’s mission since the organization’s founding. JOFA sees the agunah issue as a social injustice and believes there is a critical need for a systemic, halakhic solution to the plight of agunot.

JOFA advocates a three-pronged approach to the agunah problem:

• A widespread, grassroots campaign to educate the Jewish community about the problem
• Establishing a resource base offering help to agunot
• Advocating for the necessity of pre-nuptial agreements to prevent future agunot

In addition, JOFA continues to explore additional, more forceful methods, of resolving the agunah problem.