Ad Campaigns

Ta'anit Esther is a unique date in the Jewish year.  It is the only day that commemorates the power of a single woman to change the course of Jewish history.

In March 2007 (on Ta'anit Esther), JOFA placed a 6 page ad in the Jewish Week including a petition to rabbis and the lay community and over 2,000 signatures garnered from 12 countries in less than two weeks.

Likewise, in March 2005, JOFA placed a two-page ad with over 1,000 signatures in The Jewish Week and The Jewish Press.

signing agunah petitionWe believe that these ads made a difference by educating thousands of individuals to the agunah issue and heightening sensitivity among lay and rabbinic leaders. The ads also serve as a powerful reminder to the agunot that they are not alone. 

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